Vaccination calendar

Vaccination calendar

BCG – Tuberculosis vaccine
When and how much dose?
The BCG vaccine is mandatory – the majority of children get vaccine in the maternity ward, the second, or the third day after birth.

Hep-B – Vaccine against acute hepatitis B
When and how much dose?
Vaccination is carried out with 3 doses by intramuscular giving of hepatitis B vaccine by scheme 0,1 and 6 months into the deltoid muscle. Persons who are not fully vaccinated are considered incomplete protected and must complete a 3-dose vaccination series.
The recommended clearance between the first and second dose is one month, and between the first and the third six months (0,1,6). In practice, there are frequent deviations from this scheme. In particular, it should be noted that, in the event of a series of applications being interrupted, no dosages should be repeated.

DTP – Diphtheria, tetanus and large cough vaccine
When and how much dose?
It is given in three doses: the first one when the baby is full for two months, the second with 3.5 and the third with 5 years.
The gap between the vaccines should not be shorter than a month, usually practiced for 6 weeks due to a childhood paralysis vaccine that must be the smallest gap between vaccines for 6 weeks.
Revaccination: the first dose is given in the baby’s age from 17 to 24 months, the other is seven years old, and the third and last 14 years.

Polio vaccine (IPV or OPV) – Vaccine against childhood paralysis
There are two types of this vaccine: OPV- oral or live vaccine and IPV inactivated, dead injection by injection.
When and how much dose?
Baby gets the first polio vaccine when it’s full for two months. This vaccine is administered together with a DTP vaccine in three doses, so that the baby receives a second dose with a full 3.5 months, and a third with 5 months.
Revaccination: The first dose in the period from 17 to 24 months.

HiB – prevents the deadly bacterium hemofilus influenza
A vaccine that prevents the deadly haemophilus influenza bacterium that causes a wide range of very serious infections to which babies and children are susceptible.
When and how much dose?
The first vaccine of the baby gets two months old, and since it is given in three doses, the HiB vaccine will receive together with DTP and OPV for 3.5 and 5 months.
Revaccination: No

MMR – Vaccine against smallpox, mumps and rubella
When and how much dose?
The baby should not receive the vaccine before the first birthday (12 months).
Revaccination: In the age of seven, before enrolling in the first grade of primary school.

Vaccination calendar

Age Тuberculosis Hepatitis B Pentaxym Polio (child paralysis) Little goddesses, mumps, Rubeola Diphtheria, Tetanus
At birth * *        
2nd month   *(30 days from 1st dose)        
3rd month     *1st dose      
4th month     *6 weeks from 1st dose      
Full 5 month     *6 weeks from 2nd dose      
Full 6 month   *6 months from the 1st dose        
12-15 months            
17-24 months     *12 months from 3rd dose      
7 years       * * *
14 years       *   *