Charity work

A more humane and richer society is being built, among other things, by providing contingent assistance to the most socially endangered categories.

Accordingly, and in accordance with its socially responsible business, the humanitarian work of the Health Center „Vizim” is aimed at providing financial support and free medical services to children, pensioners and refugees, as well as other social categories who need help. One of the ways to help the vulnerable is through various forms of donations and sponsorships. By setting an example through its own humanity, „Vizim” also encourages other legal entities and individuals to selflessly help the endangered.

In order to establish donor and / or sponsorship cooperation with the Health Center „Vizim”, it is necessary to download the dokument which is filled in and delivered to the address: Health Center „Vizim”, Str. Knez Miletina 36, 11000 Belgrade.