Vizim today

VIZIM is the first private health center in Serbia.
He has entered the third decade of successful business, which is reflected in the responsible care for the health of patients, who individually, family or company entrust the quality of life to a team of doctors and health professionals VIZIMA.
The network of institutions of the VIZIM Health Center consists of two locations in Belgrade and one in Novi Sad:

as well as 4 health stations:



Following the needs of the population, VIZIM continues to expand its network.

VIZIM The team, in addition to qualified medical and technical staff, today employs over 150 doctors who are engaged in continuous professional development and scientific research, so numerous awards at domestic and international medical congresses are expected confirmation of their dedicated work.

VIZIM Health Center is a modern system ready to respond to all patient requests. General and specialist surgeries, a respectable team of necessary medical support and modern medical equipment, make the VIZIM Health Center turn prejudice into the opposite – which is why their patients feel comfortable, protected and safe when they come to the doctor.